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RV Rentals in Neenah, Wisconsin

Rent an RV on Your Next Trip!

If you’re looking for a rental RV, we have a great selection of RVs for rent! When you vacation, you want a clean, fun, and easy-to-use space to sleep, relax, and unwind after a busy day of activities. Renting RVs can get you all of that and more!

Recent events have made RV rentals more in-demand than ever with a ton of new RVers entering the market. We can help answer any questions you have about first-time RVing, travel routes, and we can help you size the right RV for your trip.

RV Rentals for All Travel Party Sizes

RV Rental Direct Phone Line: 920-426-1700

Rental Hours:
Monday Thru Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Our rental fleet is made up of the latest model RVs from top industry brands! We keep our rental fleet in great condition and continuously rotate our fleet to keep up with the newest equipment and technology available.

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions about renting an RV (Motorhome or Towable Travel Trailer).  Additional details can be found in our General Rules, Safety Tips, and Travel Prep documents accessible when viewing the details of your quote/reservation.

  • How old do I have to be to rent or drive an RV?
    • Any renter/driver of any RV type must be 25 years of age or older.
  • What types of units are available to rent and what is the pricing?
    • We have Class C Motor Homes and Towable Travel Trailers. No Pop-Up or Expandable units. Price depends on the unit and number of nights, with the best rate when renting 7 nights or more. See website for details.
  • How is insurance handled to cover the RV during my trip?
    • Personal auto insurance can sometimes provide the best coverage with the limits you are comfortable with and provide the protection you, as well as Kunes RV Rentals requires. Check with your insurance agent to find out if your personal policy or agent will provide full coverage (liability, comprehensive, collision) for the unit you are renting. If your personal insurance will cover you, Kunes RV Rentals can provide a binder request document that you can provide to your agent. Insurance must be in place prior to day of pick up. If unable to obtain coverage through your own provider, coverage may be purchased through Kunes RV Rentals’ reservation system. Costs and coverages can be found on-line.

Roadside Assistance is also available for purchase.

  • Is there a special driver’s license needed to drive an RV?
    • A current valid driver’s license is needed to drive or pull any of our units, motorhome or towable.  Kunes RV will run a driver’s license check on each driver to verify that all drivers are valid with no extensive adverse driving record.  Kunes RV reserves the right to refuse to rent to anyone that does not have a valid driver's license or has an extensive driving record.
  • Is it easy to drive a Motor Home? 
    • Class C Motorhomes handle like a large SUV or a truck.  A test drive is offered for all motorhomes and towables at pick-up so that you may see how the unit handles.  You may take the test drive, or decline the test drive and have one of our agents give you some driving tips.
  • Is there a minimum rental period?
    • There is a 3 Night minimum for all units and a 4 or 5 Night minimum applies to HOLIDAY weekends. EAA requires a 12 Night minimum.
  • What do I need to make a rental reservation?
    • Making a rental reservation is simple to do. The easiest and quickest way is to make your reservation online.  If you need assistance, you can contact our office. You will need the following things to complete your reservation:
    • Be at least 25 years old.
    • Determine how many people will need to be accommodated in sleep space and/or seats. (Seatbelts for MotorHome only).
    • Have your departure and return dates.
    • Estimate miles you will travel round trip (Mileage for MotorHome only).
    • Your VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover card
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Reservation deposit of $500 to secure an RV for your reservation.
  • How and when do I pay for my Rental?
    • Payments using a Credit or Debit Card are processed online and are required for the Security Deposit.
    • A $500 Reservation Deposit is processed at the time of booking.
    • 14 days prior to departure the Balance of Rental Fee is collected including estimated mileage for Motorhomes.
    • 1 Day prior to Departure the Security Deposit Hold is authorized. ($1,500 for Motorhomes & $1,000 for Towable). This does not charge the card and will not show on your statement, but it does place a hold on the funds preventing you from using the amount.
  • Are there any other charges I may incur?
    • The State of Wisconsin assesses 5% Sales Tax and a 5% rental tax on RV rentals.  You will have to pay for extra mileage if you go over the estimated mileage originally paid for when renting a Motor Home. Fees will be added for fuel if not returned full, tanks not dumped, smoking is detected, violation of pet addendum, unit not cleaned, damages, and late returns.  Other fees may include Unpaid Tolls and any optional equipment you decide to rent or purchase, such as hitch rental, awning use, tank dump, etc. A Security Deposit “HOLD” of $1500 is for these circumstances and is typically released within 1 week after the rental has been returned, provided all charges for the rental have been paid for.
  • What is supplied with my rental?
    • We supply 3 rolls of RV safe toilet paper, 3 chemical drop-ins (enough for 3 Black Tank dumps), water hose, sewer hose, wheel levelers, wheel chocks, 30 Amp electrical cord and a 15 Amp adapter. You will need to bring items such as pillows, linens and cookware.  See our Travel Prep List for more valuable information.
  • Can I park my vehicle at your rental site while I travel? 
    • Yes, at your own risk.                                                                                                                                        
  • What hitch/towing equipment do I need for towing a trailer?
    • Class III (3) Hitch Receiver, 2 5/16” Ball, 7 wire Round plug in working order, and an Electronic Brake Control System (EBS) in your tow vehicle. If you do not have these on your vehicle you can call our service department for prices and schedule an appointment. *This equipment must be on your vehicle before pick up date. Download Hitch Requirements pdf here
  • Can Hitches, Ball and Stabilizer (Sway) Bars be rented? 
    • Yes, you must have the Class III receiver already installed on your vehicle. Please schedule stabilizer set up prior to picking up your rental.
  • Is there a charge for MILEAGE?
    • Motor Homes have a .31 cent per mile charge in addition to the nightly rate. Towable units have no mileage charge.
  • What AMPS do I need for electrical hookups?
    • All of our motor homes and trailers utilize 30 AMP connections. In the event you need to connect to 110v/15AMP (regular household outlet) an adapter is provided, and when connected in this manner, everything will have power EXCEPT the overhead air conditioner and microwave
  • What do I need to run the Air Conditioning? 
    • Kunes RV units require 30 AMP connection to use certain features, including Air Conditioning and Microwave. Motor Homes come equipped with generators and can operate these if no electricity is available. Towables do not come with generators.
  • Do you charge for generator use? 
    • Our prices include the use of the generator on Motor Homes.
    • We have generators for sale but do not rent generators for Towables.
    • GENERATOR CAUTION – many campgrounds restrict generator use due to noise.  If it is allowed, there may be limited hours/times it can be used.   Verify generator rules with your camping destination.
  • If I rent or buy a GENERATOR what type of generator should I get? 
    • A minimum of 3500 watt generator is needed to provide power to your RV for lights, AC, microwave, outlets, and more. Make sure you have the proper adaptor or receptacle compatible with a 30 amp RV plug.
  • How long will my BATTERY last if I don’t have electricity or a generator?
    • Basic camping with a battery only will provide minimal time and severely limited usage of amenities. *Trailer with slide-out not advised with Basic
  • What are the REFRIGERATORS powered by?
    • Motorhomes: Electric-AC/Generator, or LP Gas
    • Trailers: Electric-AC/Generator, or DC12v Battery
  • Will you have WATER connection?  
    • If not, remember to fill your fresh-water tank or request Kunes RV to fill prior to pick-up. (The fresh water tank is not recommended for drinking)
  • Will you have SEWER connection?  
    • If yes, please make us aware because there are certain procedures to follow to ensure the BLACK tank functions properly.
  • Are PETS allowed?
    • We prefer no pets for the courtesy of the next renters who may have sensitivity issues, but we do offer a limited number of units for travel with pets.  We have a pet addendum for renters who absolutely need to take their pet with them.  Restrictions, additional charges and a pet deposit will apply to all renters who are granted permission to travel with their pet. The pet addendum must be signed by all renters indicating whether they are traveling with or without a pet.
  • Is SMOKING allowed?
    • NO, smoking is not allowed in the units
  • Are AWNINGS available? 
    • Yes, a small fee is charged for awning use. 
  • Do Rentals come with TV/DVD and stereo?
    • Motorhomes come with a TV & stereo. Select units come with DVD players.
    • Trailers come with a stereo and TV mount only with a coaxial connection.
  • Can we TOW anything behind a Motor Home? 
    • No, towing is not allowed.  There are locks on the receivers and renters will be charged if these are removed.
  • What is the GAS MILEAGE on Motor Homes? 
    • You can expect 8 to 10 miles per gallon.  Consumption depends on your speed, terrain, winds, and weight.
  • How many people can ride in a rental unit? 
    • Seat belts are required in Motor Homes and we do not recommend exceeding the capacity as posted in the actual unit. There are 5 to 8 seatbelts depending on unit. No one is allowed to ride in Towables.
  • Can we travel out of the United States?
    • Travel to Canada is allowed. Travel to Mexico is prohibited.
  • Can I rent an RV in the WINTER? 
    • Yes, but units rented from November 1st to March 31st are not allowed to use water. If traveling to warm weather regions and want to use water, the unit will need to be de-winterized and then re-winterized when returned, at a minimal charge. Contact us for information on winter operation.
  • What if I am in an ACCIDENT?
    • Exchange names and insurance information, notify Kunes RV within 24 hours, and make a full report in writing along with obtaining a police report.
  • What if I have a BREAKDOWN during my trip?
    • Call us as soon as possible, report the problem, and get further instructions if needed.  You will be reimbursed for necessary repairs not caused by misuse, carelessness, or negligence of the renter directly or indirectly. Repairs over $100 must have prior approval. 
  • Triple A (AAA) as well as personal auto insurance may extend coverage for roadside assistance. If the renter does not have roadside coverage that will extend to an RV Rental, Roadside Assistance can be purchased for a minimal cost per day.
  • What if I get a FLAT TIRE?
    • Motorhomes do not have spare tires and would require a call for service or to Roadside Assistance, if added to your reservation.
    • Towables have a spare tire included. Lug nut size is 3/4". If not comfortable changing a tire Roadside Assistance is an available option.
    • If using personal insurance check if you have roadside assistance and if it applies to your rented RV.
  • Should I bring along any TOOLS?
    • It’s a good idea to bring some miscellaneous tools. A cordless drill with a 3/4” socket makes extending and retracting trailer stabilizer jacks much easier and quicker.
  • When can I PICK UP and RETURN my rental?
    • Pick up is by Appointment between 1pm-4pm.
    • Returns are 9am-11am on a first come first serve basis.
    • The rental department is open 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday and closed weekends and holidays.
  • Can I pick up the RV early or return it later?
    • Both are available options, with prior approval and a fee. Just choose the option as an “Add On” when making your reservation.
  • Do I get a refund if I RETURN my RV EARLY?
    • Sorry, No. There are also no refunds on add-ons such as Early Pick Up or Late Return.
  • Do you DELIVER?
    • Yes! You can choose the delivery add-on when reserving your unit. The listed fee is for delivery, set up, and pick up within 20 miles of our store. Further distances are possible with an additional fee.
  • What is required when I RETURN my rental? To avoid additional charges, all of the following should be addressed:
    • Return unit within scheduled drop off time frame.
    • The RV should be returned in the condition in which it was received – floors, counters, tables, appliances (inside and out), mirrors, sinks, shower and toilet must all be cleaned.
    • Holding tanks must be evacuated prior to return.
    • The Renter must insure that all accessories that came with the RV are returned with the unit.  This includes items such as: Remotes, refrigerator drawers, curtains, cushions, TVs etc.  As well as the exterior items such as: water hose, regulator, sewer hose, electric cord & adapter, wheel chocks, stabilizer cranks and hitch components (if included), etc.
    • Renter should double check all compartments (interior and exterior) to claim all items brought on board.  Return or pickup of personal items would be the responsibility/expense of the Renter.  Items will not be held.
    • All keys supplied to the renter must be returned.
    • Provided you return the rental unit in the condition in which it left, there are no additional charges.
  • What is your CANCELLATION policy?
    • If Within 7 days of making reservation (but at least 30 days before departure): full refund of $500 Reservation deposit.
    • 30 days before your departure date:  Refund of $500 reservation deposit if unit can be booked for dates of cancelled reservation. If not, reservation deposit will be converted to a credit to be used for future rental completed within 12 months of cancellation.
    • 15 – 29 days before departure date: $500 reservation deposit converted to a credit to be used for future rental completed within 12 months of cancellation.
    • Within 14 days of departure: No refunds
    •  If a refund is offered, it will be provided as a credit to the credit card used at the time of purchase within seven (7) days of the confirmed cancellation. An email confirming the cancellation and the status of the reservation deposit will be forwarded to the renter.
    • If you feel there is a possibility of cancellation, we suggest purchasing the trip insurance offered.  The cost is reasonable and provides peace of mind when preparing to travel.