CermaPlate – the BEST protection for your RV

CermaPlate is an incredible coating that provides the best surface protection for your RV. Using the most advanced technology, the CermaPlate  formula ensures the highest level of resistance to abrasive materials available.

Benefits for your RV

  • UV Block
  • Automotive Body Pro
  • Glass Protection
  • Chrome Protection
  • Plastic Molding Protection
  • Rubber Trim Protection
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Hydrophobic Finish
  • Super Shine Enhancement

It is a spray on and rinse off product that is quick and easy to implement. Our RV Technicians have all been trained on how to properly apply the coating to your RV and the whole process should only take about 30 minutes. First we spray the entire unit using a regular spray bottle making sure every inch is covered.

Next we rinse the spray from the vehicle. Finally we dry thoroughly to make sure there are no streaks and to further embed the nanoparticles. The whole process will leave your RV looking clean, sleek and more importantly protected against anything that might damage your exterior.

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